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10 Tips To Lower High Blood Pressure

There's a good reason for hypertension to known by the name, 'Silent Killer'. It often has no symptoms till the time it leads to other devastating and debilitating complications which drives the patient to a health facility. Stroke and Heart attack are the two most serious risks associated with uncontrolled high blood pressure. According to… Continue reading 10 Tips To Lower High Blood Pressure

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All About High Cholesterol – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment/Prevention

High cholesterol increases the risk of Cardiovascular diseases (Heart attack, stroke) significantly. What Is Cholesterol? Cholesterol is a fatty, wax like substance  present in human blood. It's produced naturally in the liver. Every human being no matter of what age or gender, has cholesterol. Human body need it to stay healthy and it is vital… Continue reading All About High Cholesterol – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment/Prevention

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8 Tips to Prevent Heart Disease

Heart diseases are the number one death causing diseases globally. But some of heart diseases, like heart attack, heart failure, can be prevented by just adopting a good and healthy lifestyle. Acquired Heart Disease like coronary artery disease, which is caused by high cholesterol levels, smoking or unhealthy food habits can be minimised with some… Continue reading 8 Tips to Prevent Heart Disease

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Heart Attack: Symptoms & Preventions

Heart attack occurs when the flow of blood to the heart is blocked. The blockage in heart arteries(coronary arteries) is buildup of fat and cholesterol. This blockage is called plaque formation. This plaque either is big enough in size to obstruct blood flow in arteries or breaks away and forms a clot, which interrupt blood flow… Continue reading Heart Attack: Symptoms & Preventions

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Heart Disease or Heart Attack

It has been always a confusion between heart diseases and heart attack. Generally people mix up all heart problem into heart attack, but there is difference between both.Heart condition like, Coronary Artery Disease( blockage in heart arteries) , Structural Deformity, clots, Arrhythmia(Palpitation) all come under heart disease and  chest pain because of blockage in heart… Continue reading Heart Disease or Heart Attack

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Racing Heart : Heart Gone Mad

We have heard many people complaing about racing heart rate, pounding heart, palpitation, fluttering and many other names , What is it exactly? It's an arrhythmia, your heart isn't beating in a rhythm, it makes your heartbeat  too fast, too slowly, too early, or  just irregular. What is arrhythmia? Let's read a little about how… Continue reading Racing Heart : Heart Gone Mad