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8 Tips to Prevent Heart Disease

Heart diseases are the number one death causing diseases globally. But some of heart diseases, like heart attack, heart failure, can be prevented by just adopting a good and healthy lifestyle.

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Acquired Heart Disease like coronary artery disease, which is caused by high cholesterol levels, smoking or unhealthy food habits can be minimised with some day to day lifestyle modification.

1.  Eat Healthy

Our daily diet plays a vital role on our health and strength of our heart. Processed, canned and salted food consumption affects our heart health by increasing bad cholesterol and high blood pressure.


But a diet, fresh, nutrient rich , low salt adds 70% benefits to heart health. Avoid junk and fried food if you already have high cholesterol.

How to maintain a healthy weight with healthy snacks?

2. Exercise

Heart itself is a very strong muscle in our body which provides oxygen to all big to small body cells. But to keep our heart muscle strong and healthy we need to put a very small effort of 45 min each day.


Exercise relieves the stress, lowers your blood pressure and heart rate. One should daily physical activity around 45 min to one our which can be brisk walking, cardio exercise or gyming.

3. Maintain a Healthy Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can cause heart disease, stroke and end organ damage. So, in preventing heart disease, maintaining a healthy blood pressure is very important. Normally one should keep blood pressure under 140/90.

Eat low salt diet and avoid junk/fried food. You can consult a physician if you continue to have blood pressure 140/90 or above this.

4. Healthy Weight

Obesity is an invitation to many disease like diabetes, sleep apnea, heart diseases and many more. To eliminate obesity induced heart disease you may require a special diet to lose weight and sweating exercise.


A healthy diet and workout can help you maintain a healthy weight. Keep your BMI ~ 25.

5. Diabetes Control

Diabetic patients are more prone to develop heart disease, because uncontrolled blood sugar levels damages blood vessels, messes up with blood pressure and adds more fat and cholesterol deposits.

Blood sugar management with diet, regular physical activity and proper medication can lower the risk of heart disease.

6. Cholesterol Management

High cholesterol levels are direct cause of heart disease, that is why managing high cholesterol levels have a weightage. You can improve your cholesterol with cholesterol lowering home remedies and healthy diet.

You can consult a physician with your blood reports if you have high cholesterol levels so that medicated help can also be taken.

7. Avoid Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health we all know but is not limited to destroy our lungs only. Smoking can deposit calcium ( rock like substance) plaques in our blood vessels which is different from soft plaque.

Stop smoking if you do and help your loved ones too from passive smoking.

8. Avoid Alcohol

Binge alcohol consumption can cause heart failure by suddenly dropping your heart functions to low levels, which can be irreversible and deteriorate quality of life.

Don’t consume alcohol more than 30 ml/day a to be on safer side.

All above mentioned tips can help you to prevent heart disease and can make your life better.

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