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Palpitations : 8 Home Remedies For Irregular Heartbeat

Have you ever felt a thump in your chest, or as if your heart forgot to beat? Or like a race between a hare and a tortoise? If so, it's probably heart palpitations. What is heart palpitations? Palpitations are noticeable heartbeats that can make you feel as though your heart is beating in your throat.… Continue reading Palpitations : 8 Home Remedies For Irregular Heartbeat

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Racing Heart : Heart Gone Mad

We have heard many people complaing about racing heart rate, pounding heart, palpitation, fluttering and many other names , What is it exactly? It's an arrhythmia, your heart isn't beating in a rhythm, it makes your heartbeat  too fast, too slowly, too early, or  just irregular. What is arrhythmia? Let's read a little about how… Continue reading Racing Heart : Heart Gone Mad