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8 Warning Signs Of Low Testosterone

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in human males. It plays a vital role in development of male sex organs like testes. Continue to read these important warning signs of low testosterone to understand how to increase testosterone.

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8 Signs of low testosterone

Testosterone affects the physical characteristics of males. It also contributes in the development of secondary male sexual characters like beard and bodily hairs. It also helps in maintaining healthy bone and muscle mass.

According to FDA, normal range of testosterone in a healthy male adult varies between 300 – 1000 ng/dl. A low testosterone level is diagnosed if the levels fall below 300 ng/dl. Diagnosis is made with the help of a blood test.

Here’s the list of few common signs of low testosterone in males.

1. Fatigue

Men with low testosterone levels sometimes experience lack of energy and extreme fatigue, the cause of which otherwise could not be explained. One should discuss with their primary care physician if they are experiencing this even after being on a healthy diet and adequate sleep routine.

2. Hair Loss

Apart from ageing/genetics and nutritional deficiencies, low testosterone level is an important cause of male pattern baldness specially in young males climbing their 30’s.

Testosterone levels should always be checked in individuals with premature hairfall or baldness.

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3. Low Sex Drive

A decrease in sexual desire or libido is a common complain with advancing age. Individuals with low T complains of decreasing sexual urge which is more pronounced.

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4. Altered Concentration/Focus

Studies have shown that individuals with low testosterone levels experience poor focus and impaired concentration which affect their productivity.

A study published in JAMA showed improved memory capabilities in males with low testosterone.

Low T is also responsible for mood swings, irritability and even can trigger depression in some predisposed males.

5. Reduced Semen Volume

Semen is what you ejaculate. It contains a mixture of several components like sperms, fructose and other important components to support sperms.

Testosterone plays an important role in production of seminal fluid and individuals with low T levels sometimes experience decreased volume of their ejaculate.

6. Decreasing Muscle Mass

Supplemental testosterone in Low-T individuals have shown to improve muscle mass in various studies carried out. However, no significant effect of testosterone supplementation has been observed in terms of muscle strength or physiological function.

7. Low Haemoglobin

According to a recent study published in JAMA, supplemental therapy with testosterone not only improved Haemoglobin levels in elderly individuals with unexplained cause but also improves the level in patients with known iron deficiency as compared to placebo.

8. Problem In Erection

Although testosterone has it’s importance in attaining desired erection. This occur due to the release of a chemical mediator (Nitric Oxide). However, the level of low testosterone required to induce erectile dysfunction is debatable.

All these are warning signs and should not be overlooked. If you are experiencing a couple of these then you should consider talking to your primary care physician.

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