Benefits Of Honey In Skincare

During the corona-virus pandemic, it can be easy to let panic dictate our reactions but why not just make the most out of this quarantined time and utilize it for personal care. Read about the benefits of honey in skincare.


Honey fight against those microbes which can harm your skin. Apply honey blended with other ingredients like aloe Vera to get maximum benefits and a glowing skin.

How to apply-
Mix one part raw honey with two parts pure aloe vera gel. Apply this on your face before you go to bed.

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Honey won’t work on all acne types, but it might work for some. Honey makes inflammatory pimples look less angry because it has osmotic effect on skin. This helps in reducing the redness caused by the inflammation.

How to apply-

Apply raw honey to the affected area and cover it with a soft bandage. Leave it overnight and rinse with warm water next morning.


Honey moisturizes your lips and acts as mild defoliator. Home made Honey scrub helps in removing dry, dead skin from your lips.

How to apply-
Exfoliate your lips and apply a thin layer of raw honey on your lips before going to bed to wake up to soft and smooth lips.


Honey boosts your body’s healing process, which helps in fading scars. You can use honey as spot treatment by applying it everyday or every other day.

How to apply-
Apply a thin layer of raw and organic honey on the scar. Leave it on overnight.


Honey has proved to be effective in removing blackheads and at the same time it moisturizes and soothes your skin.

How to apply-
Mix honey with lemon juice. Apply to affected areas at bedtime.


Honey has humectant, which prevents loss of moisture, thus rescuing from getting scalp dry and consequently, prevents split ends.

How to apply-
Honey mixed with olive oil can be used to get rid of split ends. Apply it just to the ends of your hair to moisture and treat the dry ends.


Honey has natural hydrogen peroxide present in it which can be used to lighten you hair. Must use it for natural brown color.

How to apply-
Mix honey with chamomile tea. Spray the mixture on your hair and use a shower cap to cover your hair and leave it on overnight.


Honey contains skin plumping proteins, collagen and elastin which helps to keep cuticles healthy which in turn nourishes nails.

How to apply-
Apply honey to each nail and massage it for few minutes. Put on a pair of cotton gloves to sleep in and rinse off it in the morning.


Honey contains antibacterial, probiotic and healing properties so you can easily get rid of dryness to get bright skin.

How to apply-
Mix raw honey with olive oil to brighten dull skin, shrink pores and moisturize skin. Leave it overnight and rinse off in morning with cold water.


Antioxidants properties in honey serve as natural remedy to nourish your damage skin and bring back unblemished glory.

How to apply-
Apply honey to affected area and massage it lightly and leave overnight, then rinse it off in morning.

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  1. I consider honey as my “holy grail” of beauty! Paired with calamansi (lime), I was able to cure my lesions and acne, which I had as a side effect when I took a tuberculosis medication to address my then mycotuberculae [non-pulmonary] infection. Although it might take a while for its results to be seen, It’s really great in moisturizing skin and getting rid of pimple scars.

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