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This year will mark India’s 72th republic day. India was invaded by British and was ruled for 200 years. Then came Indian …

Dr. Bhanu P

Adversities and Resilience has the power to shape our lives. Every difficulty which we face in life also give us an opportunity …

Dr Navneet M.

Learn about flaxseed benefits and how to eat flax seeds. Why you should try to incorporate flaxseeds into your diet, especially when …

Dr. Bhanu P

It has been always a confusion between heart diseases and heart attack. “All heart attacks are heart disease but not all heart …

Dr. Bhanu P

Hypertension or high blood pressure pose a significant global health burden. In the present era it’s no more a disease of elderly …


Lohri a festival of bonfire, a festival of belief that the flames of the Lohri bonfire carry the prayers of the people …

Dr. Bhanu P

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in human males. It plays a vital role in development of male sex organs like testes. …

Dr Navneet M.

Detoxing is one method to fast track your health and boost your energy level. It improves your digestion, relaxes your body and …

Dr. Bhanu P

Testosterone is a hormone in human body, specially males, that helps in maintaining certain body functions like sex drive, bone health, muscle …

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