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What ‘2020’ Has Taught! A Short Thought

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What 2020 has taught us!

Adversities and Resilience has the power to shape our lives. Every difficulty which we face in life also give us an opportunity to learn, preserve and transform ourselves into a better human being than ever before. Let’s take a sneak peak at what 2020 has taught us!

If you are reading this, consider yourself fortunate and be thankful to the almighty because you are still alive and have made your way through ‘2020’. Many among us departed this world untimely because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their absence will always be felt in the lives of their dear ones.

Despite being remembered as a dark year in calendar, 2020 has taught us some important things about life, family, society and work. Take a break, slow down and look around, life is beautiful! At least once, we all have dreamt of being a kid again.

What 2020 has taught us might be different from what it taught you. But one thing is sure, the ultimate lesson learnt is to be thankful with what you have got, be contempt, kind to others and spare time for your family.

Some Lessons Learnt!

1. There is always some reason to smile, appreciate that and keep smiling.

2. Bad times reveal true faces.

3. Always save a part of your earnings for bad times like this.

4. Give time to yourself, you deserve to be pampered.

5. Life is short and uncertain.

6. Enjoy with what you have today, who knows if there will be no tomorrow.

7. Help others and be kind to the needy, it will bring a smile on their face.

8. Spend time with your family and parents. You are all what they have got.

9. Self care is a priority, not a privilege.

10. Happiness lies within you, stop looking out for it.

11. Accept your grief and pain, it will hurt less.

12. Nothing is eternal around us. Change is inevitable.

13. Knowledge is your most valuable asset, keep investing in it.

14. Overcome your anxiety before it takes control.

15. We are much more capable than what we thought. Believe in yourself.

“Do let us know in the comments about your experiences with 2020”.

Thanks For Reading!!!

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