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Vagina & Vulva Health: How To Keep It Clean & Happy

Hello pretty girls, here I am back with another big health concern of women. Vaginal health is important to a woman’s overall health. Any infection or foul odour in the vagina not only hinders your sex life but also causes stress and lack of confidence.

Vagina health

Personal hygiene is something that needs your attention more than anything else. If all is not well down there, it can be very distracting, let’s say you have an itchy vagina and you are completely distracted from your meeting and compellingly want to itch.

Here is a solution on how to clean vagina and vulva. Keep on reading to know some more tips that will ensure keeping the infection at bay.

What are the common sign and symptoms of vaginal problems?

A woman goes through a lot in her lifetime, and she keeps on ignoring her health issues and also compromises on her daily care routine.

A little negligence can invite many vaginal health issues and cause you following symptoms:

How to clean your vagina and vulva?

Let’s recap the most basic anatomy of female reproductive system.

The vagina is a birth canal that connects the uterus with the outside world. And vulva is the outer part of the vagina.

There is no need to clean the vagina, it is a self-cleaning organ and what you have to do is to clean your vulva properly to prevent the infection from attacking.

How to wash your vulva?

You can simply wash your vulva with normal or lukewarm water. It is not necessary to use soap on your vulva as it can interfere with pH levels of the vagina or may irritate the skin.

To wash your vulva thoroughly, spread your lips apart with one hand and clean the folds with a washcloth or use your fingertips.

While washing , you can also wash the anal and perianal area but keep in mind wash from vulva to anus “front to back” otherwise bacteria from anas can spread to your vagina and may cause vaginal infection.

What about feminine wash or sprays?

You don’t need any feminine wash to clean your private area or sprays to smell like roses.

Feminine washes can interfere with pH balance and may cause vaginal dryness or itching. Only in special cases like you had a vaginal surgery and an episiotomy then your gynecologist may recommend you a V-wash plus* only to keep the area infection free.

Vaginal douching

This is very important, AVOID VAGINA DOUCHING. It will not help in vaginal cleaning clean but will wash out all the healthy bacteria from the vagina and will make it dry.

Vagina has a few good bacteria occurring naturally inside, that helps the internal environment to stay clean and moist.

Vagina needs to smell like vagina, not roses or any of your favourite fragrances. So don’t touch for cleaning and don’t use and scented products.

What can I do to keep my vagina healthy?

There many more ways to practice good hygiene and keep your private area healthy. These tips will also prevent vaginal infections.

  1. Wipe from front to back
  2. Scented lube, condoms, and tampons should be avoided
  3. Practice safe sex
  4. Always pee after sex
  5. Use body-safe sex toys
  6. Scented lube, condoms, and tampons should be avoided
  7. Change out of sweaty or wet clothes ASAP
  8. Limit alcohol and smoking
  9. Use probiotics
  10. Get vaccination if you are suffering from STDs and avoid sex
  11. Do kegel exercise

Type of underwear you use also decide your vaginal health. To prevent infections make sure you follow these rules of underwear.

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