Healthy Lifestyle – 5 Habits For Healthy Living

Health isn’t about how much weight you lose, it’s about how healthy you get to live. This is what I have come up with today. A healthy lifestyle simply means doing certain things that make you happy, feel good and relax.

Healthy living, healthy lifestyle

What is a healthy lifestyle?

Healthy living is a blend of good nutrition, daily exercise and adequate sleep. A healthy lifestyle keeps you energetic, fit and free from health problems.

I believe that if you take care of yourself then only you can take care of someone else, be it your parents, your kids or anyone else. Healthy lifestyle modifications bring you eternal health that makes you happy and creates a positive aura around you. And that’s what everyone wants.

By adopting a healthy life, you encourage the people around you, especially children, to follow a healthy routine and lifestyle. It is also a great contribution towards natural well-being and enjoyment of life.

Different choices of a healthy lifestyle

Let’s say I am in love with mushroom recipes but you might prefer cottage cheese or drums of heaven. The same way a perfect healthy lifestyle can be doing gym, running and eating low calories and for someone else it can be following a keto diet and including dance as a physical activity.

A healthy lifestyle needs only four things

  1. A regular physical activity it can be anything walking, running, swimming or dancing
  2. Proper nutrition
  3. Adequate sleep
  4. “Me Time”

What are the benefits of a healthy living

Healthy living brings you healthy and disease-free life. And modifying your daily habits to healthy habits also save money and bring peace.

  1. Reduces risk of health problems
  2. Elevated mood and decrease stress level
  3. Increase lifespan
  4. Pocket friendly
  5. Eco-friendly

How to jump-start a healthy lifestyle?

Switching to a healthy lifestyle is very easy, you just need to start over. Analyse your habits and change one habit every day, like start with drinking more water. It will flush out the toxins and will improve both internal as external health.

Healthy habits

Consider the following tips for beginning to improve your overall health.

1. Eat more vegetable

How about eating a little more fibre than you eat every day? Initially add one serving of vegetables per day and if you already doing then you can consider eating one vegetable or one fruit in every meal. Also, try to eat whole fruit like don’t peel an apple and don’t remove the fibre string from an orange.

Healthy eating

Eating more fruits and vegetables are proven to lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

2. Increase physical activity

You don’t have to run a marathon or run at all to be healthy. Physical activity doesn’t mean a long sweaty workout, you can simply choose an activity of your interest. You could walk, bike ride, dance class, practise martial arts or choose an online work out class.

Start with 10 min of daily activity five days a week and then boost it up to 45 min per day.

Good physical activity lowers your cortisol levels, reduces stress and elevates your mood. Your body feels very light in itself after working out. As you can see a dancer is doing beautiful moves effortlessly because after daily training her body feels very light and flexible.

3. Add whole grains

Swapping whole grains with refined grains is the best choice to prevent and reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Healthy eating

Begin by replacing one refined cereal with a whole grain each day. Replace pasta in your breakfast with plain oats.

4. Control stress and meditate

Fight-or-flight mode is the worst part of life to handle and it invites more health problems. If you are savouring the bad experiences of life, then you should take some time out of your schedule to meditate to control stress.

Stress has a big conversion rate in one’s life and it causes

  1. heart disease
  2. diabetes
  3. digestive problems
  4. depression
  5. high blood pressure
  6. anxiety
  7. difficulty sleeping

You may know a few stress buster ways that work for you. Exercise also helps in reducing stress levels and boosting mood-lifting hormones. You can also adopt meditation, pranayama, journaling, gardening or maybe cooking.

5. Connect with friends

Feeling isolated is associated with poor self-rated health and an increased risk of depression.

People with low-quality relationships have a higher risk of depression. People with the worst quality social relationships have more than twice the risk of depression than those with the highest quality connections

If you try a little harder, childhood was your best time where you had friends and nothing else mattered. You might have not a bunch of friends around as you had in childhood but there must be at least one, with whom you can spend quality time.

Catching up with friends is a great way to make your healthy lifestyle complete.

Healthy lifestyle habits

You can customize your healthy lifestyle according to your needs and liking. Create your version of “healthy you” and start making changes from now onwards.

I wish you good luck with new beginning. If you need and support or have any queries about healthy lifestyle habits, reach out in the comment section. You can also follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Thanks for Reading!!!

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