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Quarantine Rules

All over the world, people are in quarantine at their homes because of this deadly COVID-19. People are in quarantine intentionally either they have travelled from the place where the virus is widespread or they are following social distancing.


Quarantine is a period where nobody comes in and nobody goes out. If you are in quarantine, you are distancing yourself from people to stop the spread of an illness or its possibilities.


There are some rules to go in quarantine either


  • You have infection and you don’t want others to get it
  • You’ve been exposed to it and don’t know if you have it but you don’t want to spread it in case you do
  • You want to avoid catching the illness and you don’t know who has it so you’re staying away from everyone to avoid exposure
  • You are under mandatory quarantine – the government has told you and possibly everyone else to stay home under penalty of law

It doesn’t matter why you are in quarantine but the motive is social distancing and avoid infection. Stay home, save yourself and others.

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