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COVID-19: Protocol to Enter Home

Responsiveness towards family’s health has increased in this time of coronavirus pandemic outbreak. We can not carry out complete disinfection but we can definitely minimise the risk with some extra efforts.

As this pandemic is being spread by a virus which have life span of few hours to days depending on the surface provided. And we need to disinfect that everything which is exposed to outside world.

Self sanitation is the demand to keep yourself and family healthy and coronafree.

1. Don’t Touch

When you come home after work, grocery shopping or somewhere else the very first thing is “Don’t touch anything without washing your hands”.

2. Hand Sanitation

Thumb rule to protect yourself from catching corona infection is hand sanitation. Make sure you are washing your hands with a soap or sanitising with alcohol based sanitiser every hour. Clean hands can eliminate 70% risk of catching coronavirus infection

Self Quarantine is better choice

3. Remove Cloths and Shoes

If you are coming from outside then make sure you have removed your cloths and put them in laundry basket. Remove your shoe wear in outer open space of house and if possible then keep them in sunlight.

4. Change of place for Accessories

You can take a box, place it at house entry and use to put all your accessories like bag, keys, sunglasses and wallet etc.

5. Disinfect your Pet

If you are a pet lover and your are taking them out for walk, then disinfecting them is also important. Make sure you have washed their paws properly.

6. Alcohol Wash

This alcohol wash is special and important for your cell phone and your glasses. As we put our cellphone and eyewear on table or working desk then it gets more important to clean them with alcohol wash or hot soap water to disinfect.

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7. Disposable

If you are using any disposable like glove, masks then make sure you have put them in a covered dustbin, so that source of infections can be eliminated

8. Clean Goods and Surface

When you are coming back grocery shopping or other shopping then do wash all packets with a soap wash and wash vegetables in salty water so that germs or virus can be washed away. Keep cleaning your kitchen surfaces, dining tables too.

Cleanliness and quarantine can save many from deadly Coronavirus pandemic disease.

What is Coronavirus infection?

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