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COVID-19 Protection

Covid-19 is a pandemic of the century caused by a new virus, which started from Wuhan ( city in China) has become a killing machine with increased deaths globally everyday.


Everyone out there is afraid of Coronavirus and have only choice to quarantine themselves. Staying home can protect and prevent catching this deadly infection but is a huge task and need lot more to work on.

Managing Infection

Health and govt authorities are putting their all efforts to minimise and eliminate all sources of infection like cancelling fights all over the world, quarantining suspects and providing  guideline are out to protect yourself :


  1. Stay home
  2. Maintain hygiene( wash and sanitize hands regularly)
  3. Don’t touch your face, eyes and nose
  4. Use mask
  5. Don’t shake hands
  6. Social Distancing

Prepare for Quarantine

In this deadly pandemic only way of prevention is isolating you and your family and everyone should be prepared for that. There is no cure or treatment has been found till date.


Read about Quarantine Rules

Incubation period of COVID-19 is 3 to 14 days and minimum quarantine time for every suspect is 3-14 days. This infection can be prevented only when everyone will put same effort and stay home till the cycle of spread doesn’t break.

Quarantine time can be fun, or a break, you were always looking for either to spend time with your family or yourself. There is lot more to do in your isolation time, reinvent yourself and to start over with new beginnings.

Before stucking at home, you need to do a little homework which includes

1. Food and Water


This is very obvious that you need to stock up some food items when you are staying home for a while, and when you shop for you have to buy mostly durable food items like cereals, lentils, dry fruit, frozen food/vegetables and water cans etc. One should totally avoid non-veg items and buy fresh vegetables and fruits on daily basis.

2. Medicine


Essential medication can be a big requirement, specially when you can’t go out. Medications for common flu, pain killers, cough drops, first aid kit basic OTC medications and multivitamins. Stock these basic medication requirement for stay home period.

Herbal Immunity booster to fight against Coronavirus

3. Sanitation and Cleaning Supplies


COVID-19 quarantine period demands proper sanitation to prevent catching up by this virus. Take a good stock of sanitation and cleaning supplies so that you can maintain a good hygiene around you.

4. Entertainment


Now you have big task to do but don’t forget to fill your basket with some entertainment sources according to your liking. Movies, music, art-work supply,  painting, task list or whatever you wanted to do in free time , make everything ready and enjoy your quarantine time.

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