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How To Take Care Of Your Mental Health? Mental Health Awareness Tips

Life is very uncertain, it can be full of joy at one time and suddenly turn into misery, but you can win this battle by staying positive and motivated in tough situations.

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Mental Health Tips

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

There can be endless reasons for your anxiety, depression or mood swings and it can interfere with your day to day work, job or can have bad influence on your relationships.

Do you know? mental instability or depression is a leading cause for increasing deaths in 15-29 olds. On this day of mental health awareness 2020 I want to share with you how you can keep yourself up and motivated during ebb and flow of life.

How does mental health affects you?

You start feeling sad, everything is tasteless, the purpose of doing anything is foggy, and you don’t want to make any kind of contact with anyone.

But do you know? people like smiling faces and are attracted towards same, and run from sad faces. There is generally no one to ask you about your mood or reason behind your sadness.

Here, “expectations” plays a big role, when you stop expecting anything from anyone it gives you inner strength and peace that makes you cheerful and happy.

Sometimes it is completely normal to feel depressed or down, but being in that sadness all the time can make your other health problems worse.

Disappointment runs away from all of us who are vibrant and blissful and leave behind the empty remnants of what life meant.

How to Deal with it?

Depression is a sneaky feeling. It strikes suddenly due to various reasons. Generally, after any recent unpleasant events or getting unwanted results out of something.

Maybe you got a bad mark on your exam, maybe you’re having a rough time in your work, maybe your relationship is in a critical stage. No And the list goes on.

Depression can be managed at early stage naturally by using these effective ways. You will notice a positive change in your well-being once you learn how to take care of your mental health.

1. Spend time with yourself

Sometimes you need to take a break from everyone and spend time alone, to experience, appreciate, and love yourself.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you find that you are frequently feeling stressed, anxious or depressed, make time each day to focus on your inner thoughts and feelings. Start a journal and write down anything that comes to mind. If you let yourself write freely for half an hour each day, you may be surprised by what you come up with.

2. Talk to your best friend

It may seem hard to share personal feelings with your best friend or parents, especially if you haven’t done it in a while. It also can be hard to share when you’re not really sure what’s going on yourself. Sometimes parents or your best friend can offer a new angle that helps you figure things out. Just talking about it might help you see things more clearly for yourself.

3. Workout and Yoga

Exercise and yoga are also very helpful for alleviating stress. Both practices focus on self-awareness and the importance of silence. If you don’t have time to commit to a full yoga routine every morning, sit aside for five or ten minutes just to close your eyes and breathe evenly. Try to empty your mind of all worries, plans, and thoughts. Find a quiet place without distractions and just let yourself be. These simple activities will help to dramatically relax your mind and give you a clear-headed approach to each day.

4. Start enjoying life

If you aren’t enjoying life, what’s the point? Do at least 1 thing that you enjoy every single day.

One of the best ways to do this is by making a “happy list”. (it might sound cheesy, but it works!) List out all the things you enjoy doing (big or small) and pick one of them to do every day.

This can help you to explore more around the world .

5. Eat Healthy

This is where everyone makes a mistake, when you are depressed, you eat fried food to cope with yourself, but it has the opposite effect. Eating junk food can actually make you feel worse because it makes you physically sick.

A healthy diet and an active lifestyle work great to manage your stress and give you a new feeling to start your day.

Don’t fix your problems, fix your thinking. Then problems fix themselves

Taking care of your mental health is an important part of living a well-balanced life. When your mindset is no long centred, it is difficult to fulfil daily demands.

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