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Effects Of High Cholesterol On Human Body

In my previous blog I have explained, what is cholesterol, causes of high cholesterol, its symptoms and what are the treatment options for high cholesterol. If you haven’t read that please spare few minutes and read that first. In this blog, you we know about the effects of high cholesterol on human body.

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 How Cholesterol Effect Human Body

All About Cholesterol – Causes, Types, Symptoms, and Treatment

Cholesterol is a fatty, wax like substance  present in human blood. It’s produced naturally in the liver. Every human being no matter of what age or gender, has cholesterol. Human body need it to stay healthy and it is vital for the formation and normal functioning of cell membrane of every cell in our body. Some of this cholesterol comes from the food we eat.


  1. LDL or The Bad Cholesterol: Read the previous article to know why it’s called ‘BAD’.
  2. HDL or The Good Cholesterol: Read the previous article to know why it’s called ‘GOOD’.
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                        Effects of high cholesterol on human body systems

Circulatory and Cardiac System

Not all types of cholesterol is bad for your body. It’s the low density lipoprotein type or the LDL or the so called ‘BAD’ cholesterol variant, raised levels of this can put you in trouble if left unattended. It promotes the deposition of cholesterol in the Tunica Intima (inner lining of your blood vessels) of your vital blood vessels. This process is known as ‘Atherosclerosis’ and lead plaque formation and stiffening of the vessel wall.

With the progress of this pathological process the lumen size of the blood vessel keep on getting narrower. Due to this adequate amount of blood flow gets affected. Now due to this decline in the amount of blood flow the amount of oxygen supply also gets diminished.

This in turn has two effects, one the patient will develop Hypertension due to stiff arteries and secondly due to lack of adequate blood and oxygen supply, when the patient exerts he or she develops ‘Angina’ or Chest Pain. In more severe narrowing there is also a possibility of getting a Heart Attack.

8 Tips to prevent Heart Disease

Nervous System

Cholesterol is vital for the proper functionality of your brain. An average adult human brain consumes about 25% of the total body cholesterol requirement in order to maintain functional and structural integrity. But in excess everything turns evil. High levels of cholesterol in particular LDL can be harmful for your brain.

You might have come across someone who had suffered a ‘STROKE’. Have you ever thought why he had that? One of the important reason is high cholesterol levels which promotes atherosclerosis causing plaque to develop inside the blood vessels, which eventually leads to Stroke. Stroke can can significant amount of physical and emotional disability.

Some studies have also found the important association between high cholesterol levels and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Endocrine System

Your endocrine system is the production house of the hormones of your body. Hormones are the chemical messengers required for the proper functioning of various glands and organs. Cholesterol is required for the production of these hormones like estrogen, testosterone etc. These hormones in turn affects your body’s cholesterol levels creating a vicious cycle.

Individuals with Hypothyroidism tends to have higher levels of Total and LDL cholesterol, whereas individuals with Hyperthyroidism have the exact opposite effect.

Digestive System

Bile is a dark green to yellowish-brown liquid produced by the liver that helps in digestion of lipids in the small intestine. In humans, bile is produced continuously by the liver and stored and concentrated in the gallbladder. Cholesterol is an important component in bile formation but too much of it in bile can also lead to formation of crystals thereby leading to gallstones.

So, in nutshell excess of anything is bad. Healthy lifestyle routine with timely follow up’s with your family physician can help you keep your overall health on track.

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