Top 10 Daily Habits for Healthy & Radiant Skin – Natural Skincare

“Our skin is 90% of our selfie.” Yes, skin is the very first thing to come to the notice and this is our responsibility to keep it healthy and glowing. In this blog, you will read about the top 10 tips for healthy and radiant skin.

To enhance natural beauty and look younger, proper skin care is required with all your attention and commitments. Start your day by washing your face which is overall a good habit and a good idea for skincare.

Healthy skincare is not only about cosmetic products, but also about healthy lifestyles and our food habits. Let’s make a lifetime investment by giving a little pampering to our skin.

No matter what your skin type is, a daily skincare routine can help you maintain a healthy skin and improve specific concerns. Also keep reading to know which DIY skin hacks aren’t healthy for you, even if they seem to work.

1. Hydration

70% of our body cells are made up of water and to work efficiently they need water. The better the hydrated skin, the better the glow and shine. This is why you need to stay hydrated. You should atleast drink 2 litres of water per day, even if you are on the move have plenty of liquids.

You can also add bioflavonoids (which are present in fruits) in your water that will be a good add-on for your beauty. You can add chopped fruits in the water which are bright in the core like orange, yellow or red as they are rich in antioxidants and bioflavonoids.

2. Vitamin A and E

You should have enough portion of vitamins to have glowing and healthy skin. Vitamin A and E are important to your skin. These are fat-soluble vitamins and are easily available in abundance in fruits and vegetables which are bright in colour.

In addition to this seafood like fish, prawns are rich source of vitamin A and if you are vegetarian you can also take supplements. You can add 500mg of vitamin A and 400mg of vitamin E in your daily routine for healthy and younger looking skin.

There are few Ayurvedic Skincare Remedies can also help you to look younger.

3. Zinc

For healthy skin, you should have an adequate amount of zinc in your body. Zinc brings in immunity and the world is full of allergies and infections. If your body is programmed with good immunity it protects you from future infections.

4. Choose Low Glycemic Index Food

If your skin is acne prone then you should avoid food with high glycemic index like pizza (” i know everyone love pizza”), burger, pasta, butter loaded pranthas( very common in north india). Be carefull while using dairy products as they can also add on the breakouts.

5. Wash Your Face Twice Per Day

Washing once isn’t enough if you want clear skin. Start your day by washing your face, it is a great way to wake up and end your busy day with a face wash to feel good before going to sleep.

Make sure to wash your face at the end of your day. Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Facial Cleanser* is hydrating daily facial cleanser suitable for all types of skin. It will remove make-up, dirt and pollution that piles up on your skin throughout the day. Tap dry your face with a muslin cloth.

6. Stop Touching Your Face Again & Again

Either your skin is prone to pimples or not, you should avoid touching your face again and again. The reason behind this is that you pick up a lot of things throughout the day like your own phone, TV remote, AC remote, maybe even toys, so many things and there are chances of unhealthy bacteria. When you touch your face with the same hands, you are infecting your skin.

And if you have pimple prone skin the do not pick your pimples as you might end up putting the bacteria deep in the skin. This can make the pimple to come out more bigger in size.

7. Sleep

Do you know, how important is sleep for your flawless skin? Let me tell you a good sleep is as much important as skincare regime just like recharging your phone battery. This habit will definitely make a noticeable impact on your skin.

Before sleeping make sure to take a hot shower so that all the dirt can be removed or atleast wash your face.

How does Sleep helps in better skin health?

Well, in first three hours of your sleep, your growth factor and melatonin increases which act as super antiaging. Melatonin also provides antioxidant and anti-aging properties. And during last hours of your sleep your cortisol levels ( stress hormone) drops, body temperature decreases and blood circulation get better which altogether help to improve your skin health.

8. Use Sunscreen Everyday

80% of our skin aging actually comes from UV exposure. It’s just not about the UVBs but about UVAs which can affect your skin inside the office, train, car or home as they can deep penetrat in the skin and cause damage.

Prevention is better than cure. Forget about all other skincare regimes if you are not protecting your skin. So using sunscreen with a minimum of SPF20+ every day in the morning is one of the must-have habits.

These are few best Sunscreens available in the market:

9. Apply Antioxidant Serum

Antioxidants protects your skin against pollution and free radiacle. Free redicle can be present because of sun hitting particles and causing pollution, smog, free radicals, every kind of dirt is damaging your skin.

There is a study showing, people age quicker who do not use any antioxidants than people who use antioxidants serums. Use thin and very light antioxidant serum. Antioxidants can be present in sunscreen or you an use it sepertly before applying sunscreen.

10. Quit Smoking

Last but not the least, you should quit smoking right now. It’s just not you smoke once in a while, no it doesn’t matter, every smoke is bad. You have to stop smoking otherwise you don’t have to apply any skincare products why because it takes out all your antioxidants and causes a huge damage.

Your skin needs antioxidants for protection but if are smoking then your skin is naked and no use if applying any antioxidants serums.

Avoid These DIYs

  • Lemon juice : It may have citric acidic, but it’s far too acidic and can cause dark spots to appear after sun exposure. It can also dry and irritate your skin.
  • Baking soda: At a pH level of 8, baking soda will stress your skin, significantly decreaseTrusted Source your skin’s water content, and cause dry skin.
  • Garlic: In raw form, garlic can cause skin allergies, eczema, skin inflammation, and watery blisters.
  • Toothpaste: The ingredients in toothpaste may kill germs and absorb oil, but they can also dry out or irritate your skin.
  • Sugar: As an exfoliant, sugar is too harsh for the skin on your face.

These 10 habits in your daily routine are definitely going to make big big change on your skin health and these are kind of tips to stay younger. Do adopt these religiously and tell me about your experiences in the comment section.

All of you are also welcome to ask more queries about skincare or any skin issues.

Thanks for Reading !!!

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