Correct Skincare Routine Order: Step-By-Step Guide

Hello beautiful ladies, we are back with another skincare care routine to add more charm to your looks. Are you spending more money and more hours a day on skincare than you can afford, but your skin still isn’t kicking up its A-game, you’re probably doing it all wrong?

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Layering is the key, my dear. Yes! Layering is the secret to cherubs—softer, brighter, plump skin. Trials and errors and a lot of testing will help you to find the formulas and a skincare routine order in which you should apply them.

Keep on reading the steps of your skincare routine so that your skin can take full advantage of every product you apply.

Why Sequence of Skincare Products Matters ?

Applying your skincare products in the proper order ensures that your skin gets the full benefits of each product.

Skin functions to keep things out, as a protective layer. But we have few ingredients in our skincare products that we want to get in. Only very small amounts of these key ingredients can penetrate the skin, even when thoroughly formulated and thoroughly applied. If you don’t apply the products in the right order, you won’t see the best results from your skincare regimen.”

Do you follow the basics of your skincare routine?

Here is Your Correct Skincare Order Routine: Step-By-Step Guide

Our morning skincare routine is mainly focused on prevention and protection. Your face will be exposed to pollution, dirt, UVA, etc. And we use skincare products that repair the damage and treat our skin.

A girl with face mask for skincare routine

Morning Skincare Routine Order

During the day your necessary steps include moisturizer and sunscreen. This is super basic to start with. You must wash your hands properly before touching your face, just to prevent unwanted bacterias.

Step-1: Cleanser

Splash fresh water on your face in the morning and wake yourself up. Use a gentle cleanser to remove dirt and residue that has accumulated on your face overnight.

Use a simple water-based cleanser.

Now before you ask me this, I already have an answer for, “which cleanser is good for you? water-based or oil-based.” According to few dermatologists, you should double cleanse your face twice a week but in a night skincare routine.

2-Step: Toner

Toners were invented to replenish skin through hydration and combat excess oil. If you have oily or acne-prone skin then toners are your best friends, because they eliminate impurities from your skin and restore pH levels after using a cleanser.

If you have never used toner or an astringent and have beautiful skin then you can completely skip this skincare routine step.

3-Step: Antioxidant Serum

Serums are super concentrated with certain ingredients that address specific concerns. An antioxidant-based serum will protect skin against damage caused by free radicles. Serums are generally packed with vitamin C and E which improves skin texture and firmness.

Pat a few drops onto your face and neck to get the maximum benefit out of it.

4-Step: Eye Cream

Regular use of eye cream over time will keep the eyelid skin elastic and may improve or prevent some fine lines or loss of collagen. Remember: nothing is magic.

Eye cream is an integral part of your skincare routine order. And you won’t like saggy eyes and look aged. “Results don’t occur overnight.” So be consistent with your eye cream twice a day, especially if you are older than 20.

5-Step: Spot Treatment

If you have blemishes or acne scars then apply a spot treatment to vanish them off. Look for an anti-inflammatory product to remove it, and then a spot drying treatment.

Remove any skincare products with a damp cotton swab and apply a spot treatment skincare routine product. Always remember that spot clearing treatments contain few active ingredients, and any other layer on them can inhibit proper functioning.

6-Step: Face Oil

If your skin is showing signs of dryness, flakiness, or dehydration you should apply easily absorbable light face oils before putting on a moisturizer.

To apply face oil in the morning skincare routine order, take few drops onto your fingertips. Rub them together gently to warm the oil and lightly dab in your skin.

7-Step: Moisturiser

Our body has its own natural lubrication system that secret oil in the skin to maintain a protective layer. Even then our skin needs extra hydration because the outdoor environment and infections are damaging our skin.

Moisturising is one of the important steps in your skincare routine order. Pic a moisturizer according to your skin. If you have dry skin then choose thicker cream or balm. And if you own oily skin then fluid or gel moisturizers are recommended for you.

8-Step: Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the critical final step in morning skincare routine order. It doesn’t only protect from UVA damage but also fights against signs of aging. This study has also shown the proven benefits of sunscreen application in preventing skin cancer.

Prevention is better than cure. Forget about all other skincare regimes if you are not protecting your skin. So using sunscreen with minimum SPF30+ every day in the morning is one of the must-have habits.

Make sure your ideal Sunscreen has these properties.

9-Step: Foundation or Base Makeup

If you like to wear makeup, you can put a layer of foundation in the last step of your skincare routine product order.

A base foundation layer will give you a smooth and even complexion. You can wear any foundation, cream, liquid, or powder. Choose a lightweight tinted moisturizer or a BB cream.

Skip this step if you want to go natural.

Night Skincare Routine Order

Your skin naturally repairs itself at night, so your night skincare routine should be all about healing and giving your skin what it needs.

The nighttime skincare routine is also the time to use up all skincare products that are sensitive to sunlight, such as physical exfoliants and chemical peels.

“If your skin is looking dull, exfoliate. If it is irritated, hydrate and protect.”

Here’s the best order of skincare products to make sure you get the most out of them:

1-Step: Double Cleanser ( oil-based cleanser and water-based cleanser )

An oil-based cleanser can break down the oily ingredients in the makeup. So if you use makeup in the morning, then you should ideally double cleanse your skin. First, use the oil base cleanser to melt your makeup properly.

Now use the water-based cleanser to wash away makeup residue and dirt on the skin.

You can skip an oil-based cleanser if you don’t wear makeup.

2-Step: Exfoliator or Clay Mask

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells while minimizing pores. Clay masks work to unclog pores, but can also soak up excess oil. These masks are best applied at night to remove leftover dirt and help the skin absorb other products.

Use the clay mask once or twice a week. Apply the clay mask all over and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and pat dry. Don’t exfoliate if your skin is already irritated.

3-Step: Toner or Hydrating Mist

If you are using toner then use it as you do in the morning. In this skincare routine step, our main purpose is to hydrate and nourish the skin. Plenty of hydrating skincare products are available either in mists, essences, beauty waters, or hydrating (hyaluronic acid) serums formulation.

Since these are lightweight, almost water-like formulas, apply them as a toner after washing your face. Toners are more about cleansing and essence or serums are about delivering treatment to the skin.

4-Step: Eye Cream

You’ll want to apply your eye cream before your treatment to protect your eye area from potent ingredients, which can potentially irritate you.

A good nighttime eye cream can help improve appearance-related issues, such as fatigue and fine lines. Look for high concentrations of peptides and antioxidants.

5-Step: Acid Treatment

This is a revolutionary addition to skincare routine products and may sound scary but this skincare treatment encourages cell turnover.

Beginners can start with glycolic acid. Salicylic acid is great for eliminating acne and hyaluronic acid is a wonderful moisturizer. Consistent use of these acids can result in a brighter and more even complexion.

6-Step: Treatment, Serums and Peels

Serums deliver powerful ingredients directly to the skin. Essence is simply a waterlogged version. Vitamin E is great for dry skin, while antioxidants like green tea extract can be used on dull complexions. If you’re prone to breakouts, try Retinol or vitamin C.

Make sure to do a patch test before using a new serum or essence. Apply gently on your face for good results.


7-Step: Spot Treatment

If you are plagued by acne, pigmentation, or aging signs, this is when you apply your medicinal treatments.

Too many steps just increase the risk of irritation and reduce the chances of the desired result.
Choose your evening treatment based on what your skin needs that night, not what’s in your medicine cabinet.

Some nights, it may just be washing, moisturizing, and bedding. There’s always tomorrow to love your skin more. Try salicylic acid at night before bed or pus-absorbing acne patches.

8-Step- Night Cream or Sleep Mask

Night creams are completely optional but they can be worthwhile. Night creams are thicker than day creams and are designed to protect the skin and help with cell repair. Sleep masks, on the other hand, seal in all your other products and be lightweight enough to keep the hydrating ingredients in overnight.

Every skin is different and all steps of skincare routine product orders are not for everyone. So don’t feel pressured to follow every step on the list.

And the most important thing is to find a skincare routine and products that work for you. Find your magical formula, have fun experimenting.

I hope your questions have been answered about what should be your skincare routine in order.

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