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20 Crazy Facts You Should Know About Vagina

You probably already know that your vagina is seriously impressive. This wonderful body part can bring intense pleasure, excruciating pain, and even just another little human. In short, it’s pretty amazing, and a small part of magic happening between your legs.

Interesting facts about vagina

Do you know, the part that we actually see in a woman’s body down there, that visible area is called the vulva, not the vagina.

Just like if you found out what a vulva is, here you’ll find more facts about the vagina that are important but often overlooked.

Break the labyrinth of lies and appreciate your body in all its glory.

1. Your vulva is not your vagina

The vagina is a muscular canal that runs from the cervix to outside of the body. And vulva is the outside visible body part that includes the labia, urethra, clitoris and vaginal opening.

You should know this difference because it is empowered to understand your body part.

2. Not everyone who has vagina is a woman

Sexual organs are not an indicator of one’s gender, and it’s harmful to assume so. A person born with a vagina may also identify as a trans-man or non-binary.

3. Every woman isn’t born with a hymen

A hymen is a thin membrane that partially covers the vagina and, according to primitive thinking, is a sign of virginity. But the fact is every woman isn’t born with a hymen.


And even if you are born with a hymen, it can “break” while playing sports as a kid, if you are a horse rider, use tampons or underwent any medical procedure.

4. Vagina can tear during childbirth

The vaginal tear is a normal part of childbirth. 80 per cent vaginal deliveries include tearing or an intentional tear (required incision or episiotomy) made by your gynec.

Is it scary? Yes, but this happens or is done when the baby isn’t in the right position ( like feet first delivery) or his head circumference is bigger.

5. Quickest healing body part

The vagina is the most resilient part of your body because it is supplied with an ample amount of blood. After any injury like vaginal tears (which happen during childbirth or sexual activity), it quickly bounces back to normal.

6. The clitoris has twice the nerve endings than a penis

The famously sensitive penis has around 4000 nerve endings and “hard-to-find” clitoris has double, 8000, nerve endings present. This makes Clitoris more sensitive than the penis.

7. Vaginas are supposed to smell

Vaginas contain a highly specialized army of bacteria that work ‘round the clock to keep your vaginal pH in check. And like other bacterias vaginal bacteria do smell.

So you need not cover this normal smell with scented body or vaginal washes during your special moments.

Do check with your gynec if you notice a new scent that is odd or pungent.

8. Vagina is self-cleaning

Specialised vaginal bacterias have a sole purpose to ward off other hostile bacteria and keep vaginal pH in check.

It is absolutely normal to see, a thin or thick, whitish or clear discharge in your undies at end of the day.

Cleaning technique like douching can be a bad idea because it can throw off this normal healthy bacteria and causes bacterial vaginal infections.

9. Every girl is a special unicorn

Different shapes of vagina

The labia majora, lip like structure around vaginal opening, can be as little as one quarter inch or up to two inches wide. According to ACOG labia comes in all shape and sizes, that means every girl in universe has different labia.

10. Few people  can have two vaginas

Yes, in a rare abnormality, known as uterus didelphys, number of people have two vaginal canals.

People with two vaginas can get pregnant and deliver a baby, but pregnancy risks, like miscarriage and preterm labour, are there.

11. You can get “wet” without sexual activity

Generally vagina get “wet” during intimation, right? But vagina can get wet for many other reasons too.

Vulva has high number of sweat gland and hormones causes daily excretion of cervical mucus. Also, vagina can automatically produces more lubrication when there are touched, regardless of arousal.

12. Vagina can grow double in size

Interesting? Yes, vagina can vary in size and shape during sexual activity. Normally vagina is 3 to 6 inch long and 1 to 2.5 inch wide, after arousal upper portion of your vagina expand, and make a room for penetration.


13. Vagina also change colour

Unbelievable? But yes, when you’re horny, blood supply to vulva and vagina increases and make the area look more darker.

But this is totally normal, it goes back to it’s normal colour after sexy time is over.

14. Lot’s of sex won’t stretch it out

Vagina is super elastic, and always come back to its original shape  and tightness even after a lot of sex.

But be aware hard sex can cause vaginal tear sometimes.

15. You can strengthen Vagina same like other muscles

Pelvic floor is build up of muscles and same like other muscle you can strengthen vagina as well by lifting some “weight”. Doing kegels can also strengthen your pelvic floor.

Stronger vaginal muscles can make sex last longer.

16. Orgasm keep stress away

Female orgasm and female masturbation

Having a regular sex or masturbation can help in reducing your stress and anxiety. Orgasm increases happy hormones and reduces stress hormone production.

17. Childbirth doesn’t stretch vagina permanently

Many of women are living with this myth that vaginal childbirth can damage vaginal elasticity and vagina will stay wide open lifelong.

Actually vaginal delivery can cause bruises and swelling during vaginal childbirth, which goes away in few days and you feel normal. After childbirth your body makes less estrogen which can cause vaginal dryness.

Although your vagina can stay a little wider than it was pre-birth, you can tone the pelvic floor with regular Kegels exercise.

18. Size and Location of clitoris matters for orgasm

All people don’t achieve orgasm only with vaginal penetration and the reason can be the small clitoris located too far from the vaginal opening.

19. Vagina can help you in cramps

Vaginal masturbation stimulates the release of  “happy hormones”( dopamine and serotonin) which can help you as a natural pain reliever. Few people use vibrators to do so.

20. G-spot or A-spot

Are you obsessed with G-spot? Many people believe to reach vaginal climax one has to find a G-spot, but there is no anatomical existence of it.

Continuous touching on your front vaginal wall (A-spot) or your clit  is a reason behind all oh ho ho! moments.

Vaginal surgeries are the most expensive surgeries around the world costing $1500 to $7000. And you probably don’t need it.

Hopefully you liked hearing these hidden facts about female vagina and want read more. If yes, then leave your comments with a feedback. You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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