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Home Remedies To Improve Gut Health And Indigestion

There is no true love greater than the love for food. Eating your favourite food, snacks, chaat or anything you like brings joy and happiness to your soul. But this happiness can be shattered if you have indigestion problems.

A girl having indigestion

Generally, people experience indigestion after eating large, heavy or spicy meals. Numerous factors may cause your symptoms of indigestion or digestion problems.

Causes of indigestion

You can experience symptoms of indigestion when your body can not digest food properly. And the cause of indigestion can range from dietary and lifestyle habits.


If you are eating a fat-rich, protein-rich diet, greasy or fried food then it makes your digestive system work harder. And indigested food may cause you acid refluxs of indigestion pains.

To eat is a necessity but to eat intelligently is an art. Choose wisely and mindfully what you eat. A balanced diet always helps to improve your gut health.

Lifestyle changes to cure indigestion

Gut health is the key to overall health. For good digestion, you should adopt a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits. Avod following lifestyle habits to prevent indigestion symptoms :

  1. Do not overeat
  2. Eat slow and chew properly
  3. Don’t drink water with meals, take it 30 minutes before or after
  4. Avoid spicy food if you suffer from acid reflux
  5. Skip eating while lying
  6. Do not lie down immediately after eating
  7. Walk daily for 15-20 after meals
  8. Exercise and keep your body in active state


There are a few medications that can hamper the activity of the digestive system, so if you are taking any pain killers, antibiotics or anti-depressants then do remember to talk to your treating physician about your digestion problem.

Symptoms of indigestion

Happiness for few people is largely a matter of digestion otherwise, symptoms of indigestion are very disturbing. It may cause you some of these symptoms

  1. Pain abdomen or bloating
  2. Nausea
  3. Heartburn
  4. Vomiting
  5. Burning sensation at top of the stomach
  6. Black stools
  7. Unexplained weight loss

If you are also experiencing heartburn or pain in the abdomen then watch the following video till the end to know how you can improve your gut health and cure digestive problems.

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