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How To Lose Weight With PCOS: Diet And Exercise

Hello Beautiful Ladies, Polycystic ovarian Syndrome is all around us, 1 in every 5 women is suffering from PCOS. We have already discussed what is PCOS? And here, we are talking about how to lose weight with PCOS.

PCOS/PCOD is a complex disease with multiple reasons to blame for :

  • Inactive lifestyle
  • Lack of workout
  • Lack of sleep
  • Lots of stress/tension
  • Consuming wrong food

PCOS/PCOD is a major cause of infertility in today’s time. It causes thinning of hair, kinky acne, unwanted weight gain and more. Still, if you are serious about getting out of this mess, then its treatment is possible.

You can say no to medications that mainly include oral contraceptive pills, anti-Diabetic pills. The best diet for PCOS weight loss along with an active lifestyle is the key to rooting out the disease.


Which Food To Avoid In PCOS?

Treating PCOS naturally without medication demands proper dedication. And for that, you need to avoid particular food that can stimulate PCOS and worsen the symptoms. PCOS diet plan to lose weight should not include:

  • Fast food, junk food
  • Refined carbohydrates like pastries and white bread
  • Processed meat and red meat
  • Sweets and sugary beverage
  • No dairy products

In the journey of lose weight with PCOS, you have to train your mind to eat fresh, homemade food. Packed food will bring sickness, so switch to a healthy diet plan.

What Is The Healthy Diet for PCOS?

Switching to a healthy diet is not a difficult task, it is easy and fast. Research has shown how significantly diet help in improving PCOS symptoms.

While choosing a healthy diet look for 3 things

  1. Low Glycemic Index Food: The body digests Low Glycemic Index food more slowly which prevents insulin spikes. Foods with LGI include whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, starchy vegetables and other unprocessed, low-carbohydrate foods.
  2. An Anti-inflammatory Diet: Anti-inflammatory diets, such as berries, fatty fish, leafy greens, and extra virgin olive oil, may reduce inflammation-related signs, such as tiredness.
  3. DASH Diet: The DASH diet basically lowers the risk of heart disease. It may also help manage PCOS symptoms. A DASH diet is rich in fish, poultry, fruits, vegetables whole grain, and low-fat dairy produce.

Diet Plan for PCOS

A proper diet for weight loss with PCOS is that which provides

  • Adequate nutrition
  • Improves insulin resistance
  • Helps in weight loss with PCOS
  • Improves Inflammation
  • Combat other symptoms

It will be a completely vegan diet plan as many studies have shown better results of a plant-based diet over an animal-based diet in polycystic ovary syndrome weight loss.

This diet includes ample amounts of complex carbohydrates to assure optimal blood sugar levels to minimize insulin spikes. It has a good amount of plant-based protein and very little external fat.

Morning Drink For PCOS Weight Loss

PCOS diet plan to lose weight starts with a powerful antioxidant drink. You can drink

  • Fenugreek water
  • Cinnamon tea
  • Curry leaf water
  • Moringa ( Drumstick)

Breakfast for PCOS

Try cutting out white flour and sugar for a PCOS breakfast. Your meal should contain a portion of proteins, complex carbs, healthy fats, mixed vegetables and fruits to fulfil the needs of the body. The following can be your first meal of the day:

  • Cheela with vegetables
  • Poha or upma
  • Protein shake
  • Granola
  • Chia pudding
  • Oats Parantha

There are many more breakfast recipes for PCOS weight loss and nourishment, and I will share them with you.

Mid-Morning Drinks for PCOS Weight Loss

After breakfast, you can have a mid-morning drink which could be anything healthy like:

  • Apple Spinach Smoothie
  • Fermented Drinks
  • Buttermilk

Lunch for PCOS Diet Plan

Experimenting with PCOS friendly diet to lose weight you can eat following for the lunch:

  • Sprout salad
  • Chickpea salad
  • Moong Dal Salad
  • A bowl of fruits topped up with seeds like flaxseed, pumpkin seeds

These bowls seem like a small amount for hunger, but they are filling enough to keep you going.

Mid-Evening Snacks

You can have a light snack around 4-6 pm. You again have plenty of options to add more to curb your appetite and lose weight.

  • Green tea
  • Spearmint tea
  • Coconut water or lemon water
  • 5-7 but like walnut and almonds

Dinner for PCOS Diet Plan

You should finish your dinner by 7 or 8 in the evening to see good results.

  • Dal
  • Kichdi
  • White rice with sambhar

Things To Remember in PCOS Recovery

  • Don’t starve yourself to lose weight
  • Don’t eat less you treat pcod
  • Differentiate between hunger and temptation
  • Prefer a plant-based diet over animal-based diet
  • Eat seasonal vegetables and fruits
  • Avoid restaurant food
  • Avoid plastic packaging
  • Take special supplements for pcos

Best Workout for PCOS

PCOS is a lifestyle disorder and to cure it, you need to be physically active. If you are serious about PCOS reversal and PCOS weight loss journey, remember that workout is non-negotiable.

Invest in yourself to treat PCOS naturally, give time to yourself, exercise at least 25-40 min/day. Wake up early in the morning, take your morning drink and do a good exercise for about 40 min.

And even a 30-minute walk after dinner is a must to lose weight with PCOS.

You can choose any of the following activity programme to lose weight with PCOS:

  • Walking/ jogging/ running
  • Cycling
  • Gym
  • Swimming
  • Cardio workout
  • Strength training
  • Yoga
  • Meditation

Strength training is essential to regulate your ovaries to function properly. Few yoga asanas are great to start with strength training.

I hope this PCOS diet and exercise plan for weight loss will benefit you for sure. Do share your reviews and your PCOS story in the comment section. You can also follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Thanks for Reading !!!

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