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How Not To Go Mad This Lockdown

Mental stress, mental health illness
                                      Mental Stress Due to Coronavirus pandemic

Apparently or in-apparently we all have been hit in some or the other way by this lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic. Things have changed and probably will never be the same again. Evolution has been the key for survival of human race and here we are adapting and evolving again. But the journey will not be easy, many of us have lost someone we knew.

Except for the front liners like doctors, paramedics and other essential service workers rest of us are stuck inside our homes for more than two months now. This house arrest has now taking a toll on our mental health and wellness.

For the last couple of days now I’ve been tired… and i can feel it’s not that usual sort of tiredness that can be easily fixed with a few coffees and a shower. I’m talking about the kind of fatigue that makes you question whether someone has secretly drugged you! My muscles are stiff, my eyes blurry and I can’t seem to perform even the most basic of tasks.

I wander around the house in a lockdown based stupor, obsessing about whether I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Then after talking to some of my friends and colleagues i knew am not the only one who is experiencing these kind of symptoms.

Mental health issues will flare up in our society if we don’t pay attention and start doing something to address this issue.

Some Science Bits Behind The Scene

According to professor Colin at Oxford University, in the department of sleep medicine, these signs of lack of mental alertness or unsaid fatigue is due to lack of adequate exposure to natural daylight. Human evolution which has taken place over centuries has tuned our biological clock to be alert during daytime.

Exposure to adequate sunlight stimulates our body and the production of “Melatonin” is reduced. Melatonin is a hormone that is synthesized in our bodies during dark or night and it promotes sleep.

Some Useful Tips

  • Cold Water Bath (Should not be tried if someone has any known medical health issue), a shower of cold water on our warm bodies literally send shock waves to our nervous system there by giving it a jump start.

woman taking a shower

  • A chaotic home can lead to a chaotic mind. With all the unpleasant things happening outside your home, keep the inside organized, predictable and clean. For example, try not to eat in bed or work on the sofa- just as before, eat at the kitchen table and work at your desk. Loosening these boundaries just muddles your routine and can make the day feel very long. Additionally, a cluttered home can cause you to become uneasy and claustrophobic of your environment- so keep it tidy.


  • Avoid obsessing over endless Coronavirus coverage. Freeing up your day from work or social obligations gives you plenty of time to obsess, and if you have a tendency to consult Google for every itch and sneeze, you may be over-researching the pandemic as well. Choosing only certain credible websites for a limited amount of time each day will be in your best interest during this time.


  • Start a new quarantine routine. With this newfound time, why not do something special during these quarantined days? For example, perhaps you can start a daily journal to jot down thoughts and feelings to reflect on later. Or take a walk every day at 4 pm, connect with your sister over FaceTime every morning, or start a watercolor painting which you can add to everyday. Having something special during this time will help you look forward to each new day.


Thanks For Reading!

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