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Top 8 Causes Why You Have Irregular Periods?

Menstrual cycle is an important part of woman’s life from puberty.  From menarche( very first period) to menopause ( last periods ) menstruation has life-changing effects on a woman’s body and mind. But few women encounter irregular menstruation and are unaware of reasons for irregular periods.

Normal menstrual length is from 28 to 30 days but some females can have cycles of 21 to 35 days also. A few females do experience irregular menstruation which can be longer or shorter than the expected schedule. 

A little variation in the menstrual cycle during puberty, breastfeeding or in the perimenopause phase can be normal. But long-duration in between your periods might be a sign of underlying health problems.

Various factors play role in irregular periods. If you are experiencing same situation then check your reasons.

1. Thyroid Imbalance

Thyroid dysfunctions are very common these days and can be a reason for irregular periods or abnormal bleeding. High or low levels of thyroid hormones, both directly affect your periods.  In this case, make sure you consult your doctor and undergo relevant treatment to address your thyroid concerns.

2. Low body weight

Women with eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa, may experience missed periods. Low body weight messes with your periods as well as stop ovulation also. If you have eating disorder then kindly consult a physician, otherwise take high protein diet. Maintaining a healthier weight can bring your menstrual cycle back on track.

3. Smoking

4. Nutritional Deficiency


We hope that information has been helpful in understanding the reason for your irregular periods. However, it is always better to consult your gynecologist if this irregularity persists for more than two months.

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