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Prevent Vaginal Infection: 8 Underwear Rules

When a woman becomes her own best friend, life becomes easier. Knowing your body requirements is a step towards healthy you. Vaginal hygiene and vulva care is an essential part of our daily routine and prevent vaginal infection or vaginitis. Our panties also play a big role in keeping our vagina healthy.

girl posing in panty

Have you ever thought, “Am I wearing the right underwear or just an attractive one?” It is very easy to buy beautiful pair of lingeries but nabbing the most comfortable underwear for women is a bit challenging.

Panties are made up of certain fabrics like nylon, spandex, cotton blends any many more, but are they breathable? Yes, exactly that is my point, fabrics that are not breathable can trap moisture and causes yeast infection.

If you ever had a yeast infection, then try this  to prevent it in futur.

Follow these underwear rules to prevent vaginitis, vaginal yeast infection, or bacterial vaginosis.

1. Choose natural fabrics

Your vulva is a very delicate and sensitive area just like your lips, and it requires gentle care and friendly fabric to put on.Cotton panties are best for vaginal health

Vagina do have a healthy discharge everyday which makes it full of moisture. You need to choose a fabric which can absorb extra moisture and eliminate chances of vaginal infection.

Out of all cute styles and a variety of fabrics, cotton panties are your true friends.

2. Change your underwear everyday

All women have some discharge daily, and your underwear bears that for day. This discharge collection can be food to vaginal infection, if not banished in 24 hours. So one should typically change a pair of underwear daily.

If you have unusual discharge, more frequent, or white discharge then you can wear panties in more than one pair.

3. Special wash for your underwear

All types of underwear should be washed more gently than the rest of your wardrobe and other delicate clothes. The vagina is more delicate, just like flowers, which is why you should wash your undies in hypoallergenic soap.

Do sanitize your washing machine with a hot water-bleach before putting your laundry in.

4. Replace your underwear every year

Almost every product has an expiry date so as your underwear, even if they get washed regularly. Do you know? clean underwear can contain up to 10,000 living bacteria.

Throwing out your underwear every year sounds a bit expensive and is not eco-friendly, but if you have any bacterial vaginal infection thus this rule is a must for you.

5. Sleeping without underwear

A lot of studies and debate is going on about sleeping without underwear is good or not. For those who have a good vaginal health, either choice is fine.

But who are dealing with vaginal infection, going without panties to bed is a better choice. It allows the area to breathe overnight and keeps the right proportion of moisture which doesn’t allow bacteria to build up.

6. Well fitting underwear

Going pantie-free or not is a personal choice but if you are wearing tight shorts and they are moisture wicking, you can forgo the underwear.

If you choose tight pair, then make sure it fits well and doesn’t cause chafing.

7. Are thongs bad for vaginal health

Well, this is the most important question for which generally assumed that thongs are not healthy for your nether region.

black thong

So, I would like to add here, myth breaking studies didn’t find any association of thongs with developing UTIs, BVs, and YVs. Thongs don’t Have any effect on vaginal pH, skin microclimate, and aerobic micro flora.

Avoid douching and religiously follow good hygiene to prevent vaginal infections.

8. Underwear is a mood elevator

Underwear plays a major role in how you feel in your daily routine. Unattractive and ill-fitting underwear affects your mood and leaves you irritated.

Good underwear is like intelligence, you should have it, no necessary to show it off.

If you are feeling a little low on someday, put on your sexy pair of panties, it will definitely boost up your confidence and elevate your mood.

I hope this article will help you understand importance of your private personal space. To know more about vaginal infection and it’s treatment, reach me out or leave your queries in comment section. you can also follow me on on Instagram, Facebook,and Pinterest.

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