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Tips To Improve Sexual Performance In Men

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Tips to Improve Sexual Performance In Men

Intimacy is not just a thing to do, It’s an art to perform.

Many men start avoiding those intimate sessions just because they find themselves unable to last long in bed, leaving behind their sex partners alone in the storm of desires. Read these tips to improve sexual performance in men.

If you are looking for solutions to improve your sexual performance, you are not alone. Unfortunately, people don’t discuss these issues openly because of the social taboo. In long run these health issues can ruin the harmony of a relationship leading to unwanted divorces and broken marriages.

There are uncountable numbers of pills and remedies available in the market, but before heading towards them you should keep in mind that they have several side effects too. So, its always advisable to first address the most common and reversible causes of premature ejaculation or decreased libido.

Here are few most important causes and their remedies that will help you improve your sexual performance or sexual stamina.

1. Stress

Studies have shown that most men who are unable to perform well during sex, suffer from some kind of physical or emotional stress.

Stress stimulate our body to release certain hormones like cortisol which increases heart rate and blood pressure. This causes a negative impact on overall health including libido.

Emotional/psychological stress even hampers a proper erection making the process of intercourse just impossible.

A good way of shattering your stress is by talking to your partner about your problem. Trust me, it works wonder! It not only just relieves your stress but will also strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

Another important point which we all forget in our busy day to day life is ‘Self Time’. Try sparing out some time out for yourself. Do what you love, as most of us are stuck doing what we don’t enjoy doing and that’s the hard truth.

2. Physical Inactivity

Being active a your work doesn’t mean that you are physically active. Many of us have this misconception.

The standard criteria of physical activity is at least 40 mins of brisk walk daily for a minimum of 5 days a week. Now ask yourself again, are you active?

Exercise not only keeps you physically fit but also stimulate the release of Endorphins in human body and increase libido. Endorphins is known to be a good mood elevator and can keep you fresh the entire day.

Sex increases emotional activity and emotions increases heart rate, regular exercise keeps your heart healthy and help you perform well.

3. Healthy Diet

Human body is just like any other machine, the better the fuel, the better will be the performance.

Smoking, eating junk or fast food, irregular eating habits all have a deleterious effect on sexual health ranging from decreased sexual urge, erectile dysfunction to complete impotency.

Here are some specific foods that can help you.

  • Eggs: They are an excellent source of dietary proteins and protein are essential for nearly all bodily functions to work properly. They are also a good source of various B-vitamins which helps in hormonal regulations.
  • Omega-3 Fatty acids: This nutrient has amazing health benefits. To read on omega 3, click HERE. It helps in improving blood circulation there by helps patients with Erectile dysfunction. Some good sources of omega-3 are Salmon fish, avocados, olive oil.
  • Garlic and Onion: They not only boosts your immunity levels but also improves your blood circulation and keeps your cholesterol levels in check. This helps in improving your sexual performance.
  • Vitamin B1: This is a vital nutrient for nervous system and improves the conduction of signals from brain to different body part including penis via nerves. This helps in achieving timely and adequate erections.

4. Kegel Exercise

These exercises are specifically designed to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Strong pelvic muscles can help you gain good control over your ejaculation.

Men who orgasm quickly or suffer from premature ejaculation can gain a good benefit by regularly doing these exercises.

5. Sun Can Help You Have Some Fun

Sunlight is not only a good source of Vitamin D but also helps our body to synthesize Melatonin.

Now melatonin is a hormone that helps you sleep properly but is also a very important factor for sexual desire and improved sexual performance.

Studies suggest to take sunlight daily for at least an hour between 9 am to 10 am.

6. Talk To Your Partner

As I said in the beginning, Sex is an art to perform and not a task to accomplish. Talk to your partner about her desires, her likes and dislikes, her turn off’s, her mood. Spend time together, cherish some good old memories, have a drink.

Remember, foreplay is the key to a healthy and satisfying sex, but unfortunately also the least practiced one.

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