Health Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga is a magnificent choice to start your day with. It’s the basic mantra to keep your body fit & flexible and mind relaxed.


By practicing yoga regularly, you achieve both healthy body and mind which has a huge positive effect on your overall well being.

Health Benefits : From lowering blood pressure to increasing pain tolerance, the following health benefits can all be discovered within the body.

1. Mental Fitness

Unlike many forms of exercise, yoga benefits your body and mind equally. You feel more relaxed mentally when you practice yoga. You will experience a different state of calmness altogether.


With regular practice, this sate of relaxed mind and calmness become natural and you’ll experience a new you who is more happy than ever.

2. Flexibility 

Improved flexibility of the body is the major benefit of yoga, which keeps you more active in day to day life and improves your work efficiency. It also helps lower down the risk of physical injuries and also enhance body’s pain tolerance thresholds. 


It also improves your muscle strength and help in better body balance. Everyone should practice it regularly to avoid old age body imbalance problems.

3. Better Blood Circulation

Movement is the key to wellness and yoga is an excellent activity which can be done at any level by all age groups. Yoga helps in regulating your blood pressure and ensure adequate blood oxygen supply to all organs.


Some specific yoga poses are there which are very beneficial in poor circulation, like in cardiovascular diseases and brain disease.

4. Better Breathing

Yoga incorporates many types of breathing exercises which helps in controlled breathing and improves overall lung function and capacity.


These are specially beneficial to those who are having lung disorders. 

5. Chronic Pain Relief

Practicing yoga can improve grip of the joints and results in lowering down the chronic pain in osteoarthritis.


Incorporating yoga into your daily routine may be beneficial for those who suffer from chronic pain.

6. Sleep Quality 

People suffering with diabetes, high blood pressure, depression or anxiety have problem falling asleep. Yoga helps in improving all these conditions and results in better sleep.


Studies show yoga increases melatonin production, which is a sleep regulating hormone, resulting in better sleep quality.

7. Relieve in Migraines

Traditionally migraine is treated with medication to relieve and manage it’s symptoms. But yoga has therapeutic values in treating migraine.


Yoga stimulates vagus nerve which help in lowering intensity and frequency of migraine.

8. Weight Loss

Yoga helps in promotinghealthy weight loss. More effective results in weight loss can be achieved by combining yoga with diet plans.


Yoga do not help in shedding weight aggressively but few yoga techniques can significantly strengthen and tone specific muscles.

9. Muscle Strengthening


Yoga strengthens and tones all muscles in your body without adding size. Better toned muscles helps you in doing daily tasks, like grocery shopping, easily.

10. Fight with Depression

Yoga is powerful meditation which help you come out of your fears, depression and anxiety. It helps in building more happy hormones in your body by increasing the levels of serotonin.


Incorporating yoga in your daily life enhances your mental and physical health. increases strength and flexibility. 

Little time daily for yoga is enough to make noticeable changes and progress.


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