Natural detoxification
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8 Tips For Natural Detox

Detoxing is one method to fast track your health and boost your energy level. It improves your digestion, relaxes your body and removes extra kilos too. To rejuvenate your body you should give it a start by making few changes in your lifestyle . How To Detox Naturally Detox diet eliminates toxins from your body,… Continue reading 8 Tips For Natural Detox

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6 Bedtime Drinks to Shed Excess Weight

A healthy body has become an integral part of our lifestyle these days and to achieve your goals, sticking to a healthy diet is necessary. Busy schedules don’t give you that much time to spend with yourself and do a sweaty workout. But still you want to loose weight, but how? “Determination” Yes, this is… Continue reading 6 Bedtime Drinks to Shed Excess Weight

How to increase your HDL levels
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How To Increase Your HDL Levels “The Good Cholesterol”

hdl is a good cholesterol. Know how to increase hdl levels.

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5 Amazing Detox Boosters

Best herbal detox drink, detox drinks recipe. Read at healthmonastery.

Healthy breakfast ideas
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10 Best Breakfast Ideas For Fast & Healthy Weight Loss

10 best and easy breakfast recipes for weight loss. Read article at

Body needs sugar, but they should be healthy sugars and not the added sugars
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5 Healthy Alternatives For Sugar

Let’s not overlook the truth: Added sugars are beyond doubt not good for health. They act as an appetizer, add those unwanted calories to your diet, are habit forming and make your body susceptible for obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and fatty liver. Let’s not overlook the truth: Added sugars are beyond doubt not… Continue reading 5 Healthy Alternatives For Sugar

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Weight Loss With Eggs!

When we talk about weight loss then your main focus is low calorie intake. But with low calories it's also important that your diet should fulfil your daily nutritional requirements and must be rich in proteins which is the basic building block. Weight Loss With Eggs Answer to your diet ingredient is an Egg. Friends!… Continue reading Weight Loss With Eggs!