Turmeric Mask Cured My Dark Under-Eye Circles

Eyes are the gateway to your personality. Beautiful glowing eyes is a reflection of a healthy body and a peaceful soul within. It adds to your personality, but dark circles can blaze your charm and make you look older than you are.
Beautiful Eyes
Eyes are the gateway

Dark circles can commonly occur due to lack of nutrition, stress, genetics and many more. But to make yourself look good, it is very important to get rid of those dark circles.

Cause of Dark Circles

Dark circles are common in both men and women. They can appear at any age, but they are usually found in people who are

  • sleep deprived and workaholics
  • elderly
  • darker skin
  • genetic predisposition to this condition

some environmental factors , lifestyle and self carelessness also plays a big role in making your eyes look like chihuahua. These can be


  • sleep deprivation
  • stress
  • dehydration
  • allergies
  • sun exposure
  • anemia


People with dark circles want their dark circle to disappear so as to enhance their looks, boost their confidence levels and impress their loved ones.

Markets are filled with spot erasing creams, lotions and god knows what else, but they are not suitable for all skin types and many even suffer from allergic reactions by the use of these chemical products and for many others they prove to be just waste of your hard earned money and time.

What you can do ?

Its always good to look for underlying causes which can be medical conditions also like, anemia and allergies. Taking care of them at first place will surely help to remove dark circles, but you should also make some improvements in your lifestyle to get rid of those unwanted dark circles underneath your eyes forever. Some simple but quite important points are


  • drink plenty of fluids
  • minimum 7-8 hours of sound sleep
  • apply tea bags
  • cold compress
  • eat antioxidants rich fruits and leafy veggies
  • avoid junk and stop smoking completely

You must be aware of home remedies that can play a magician’s role to wipe away your dark circles. This Herbal remedy is know for ages and is famous due to its innumerable qualities.

Turmeric is all over skin care industry which can minimize UV damage, clear breakouts, and brighten pigmentation. Turmeric is used in the world of alternative medicine and specially by Indian brides and grooms for pre-ceremony glow.

Use turmeric root to get max benefits

Turmeric Eye Mask

This turmeric eye mask works miraculously in removing dark circles after regular use. Turmeric help in lightening the skin tone and improves blood circulation in local area.


To make this light weight mask you need one tablespoon of buttermilk and one table spoon of turmeric powder. Take a mixing bowl and mix both the ingredients.

Apply this mix twice a week and wash with lukewarm  water after 15 min. Follow religiously for better results.

Do look for facial at home with this amazing ingredient

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