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10 Secrets To Healthy Weight Loss

Planning on achieving quick weight loss? Stop! it can cause more harm to your body than any good. In this blog you will be knowing how to achieve weight loss in a healthy way.

Small and frequent meals

samll and healthy

Make a habit of eating every two hours in small amounts. Small and frequent meals keep you full thereby preventing binge eating. Having regular meals give you the energy you need to get through the working day. Irregular eating habit lead to snacking and make you lose track of your consumed food quantity.

Fibers are your best buddies 


Fibres plays a vital role in keeping your digestive system healthy. It prevents constipation thereby making it easy for your body to get rid of harmful waste. Fibres also  absorbs water and swells in the stomach, which tricks your hypothalamus (center of hunger in brain) which makes you feel full after consuming less amount of food for a longer duration. This way the calorie intake can be reduced. Eat a variety of minimally-processed plant-based foods such as whole grains (e.g. brown rice and wholemeal bread; or better yet – multi-grain bread), vegetables, fruit, beans and lentils to add fibre to your diet and promote weight loss.


Make Snacks an occasional guest 


We all crave for junk food at some point of time and that’s alright if you don’t get slaved by that urge. Give yourself a small snacking gift once you achieve a certain target. This will keep you going and motivated as well. But strictly it should be once in a month or in a blue moon. Snacking on deep fried, oily or sweet foods (e.g. cakes, pastries etc) add those unwanted extra calories to your diet. If you experience hunger surges, choose lower-calorie options like fresh fruit, low-fat yogurt and or tuna/sardine/low fat cheese sandwiches made from whole bread (don’t forget to include veggies like cucumber and tomato slices!), as they are more filling and nutrient-dense. A freshly prepared vegetable salad with some salt and black pepper on it is an absolute delight and a perfect recipe to deal with those hunger events.


Love your body 

body love

“Don’t let you mind bully your body”. Love your body and once you fell in love with it you will never do anything that will affect your body negatively. Our body is the only assets we have that will accompany us till the last breath. The better we take care of it the more benefits we will be able to ripe out of it. Eat healthy, drink plenty of water and exercise daily for at least 30 mins. “A healthy body houses a healthy soul”.


Take help from your dear ones

take help friends

Sometimes it become difficult to control ourselves or we go lenient with our schedule, this is the time we need the help of our loved ones or those who are around us most of the times. Tell them not to let you munch on these unhealthy food items or at least remind you of your goal and the sacrifices you have made till date. This is called negative reinforcement and it works wonder.


Don’t change your dressing style


Comparatively women are more sensitive to weight gain and body appearance than men. It’s a common practice to start changing your dressing style in order to conceal your body weight by wearing over sized clothes and loose dresses. Never do that! if you do so it means somewhere you are accepting this increased body weight and slowly it will become an issue and you will start loosing confidence, you will start avoiding parties or social gatherings. It will be a big hit to your self esteem. Your clothes are an indicator, don’t overlook them. Instead give yourself a challenge to keep your body steady in your previous size. 


Don’t starve


When you don’t eat on time and let your body starve, you will be consuming a lot of extra diet and calories the next time you eat. So don’t starve and eat small and frequent meals. Skipping meals or having an irregular diet schedule will only disturb your biological clock giving you health issue like weak digestive system, sleep disturbances, dull skin and may be wrinkle and acne’s. Nuts like cashews, almonds, walnuts are very good options for those times when you are stuck in office or some meeting. They are rich in antioxidants, essential minerals, good cholesterol and good amount of energy to keep you going.  


No pains no gains 

pain gain

Make a strict daily schedule as the journey to a fit body is never easy. Once that strict schedule will become a part of your daily chores things will start getting easier for you. Recommendation is 30 – 40 mins of daily exercise for at least 5 days a week. Find something that works bet for you and what you will love doing. It could be dancing, swimming, aerobics or anything else, just move your body and put it to some work.


Don’t give up

dont give up


Giving up is very easy and your mind will tell you to do it several times on your way. Just don’t!. Once you give up it will be difficult to start all over again with that same enthusiasm. The day when you feel like giving up and don’t feel like working out just go for a casual walk and listen to your favorite music, it will keep you going and you will see that you are ready to follow the routine the next day.


Motivation is the key


Dream and Dream!.Desires and dreams keep many of us motivated. Imagine yourself wearing those beautiful dresses, imagine those appreciations you will get from others. Trust me, this trick works wonder.

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